May 17, 2024

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Welcome to The only website designed to bring all the Existing Malls, Upcoming Malls and Retail business in India under one portal and to benefit both buyers and sellers equally.

Malls have contributed to a radical transformation of urban lifestyle in a big way. The idea was conceptualized, developed and accepted in the western world long back but we in India have caught up with the trend recently.

Malls have provided the much-needed respite to the working couples who were overstretched in work and needed a convenient medium to shop, entertain and relax without the hassles of moving from one shop to another or from one market to another after a hard day of work. Movies or going to a restaurant after this energy zapping exercise was totally ruled out. Malls have provided the answer. You can shop for all items of daily use and durables, track the latest fashion trends in a cool ambiance, entertain by seeing the latest flicks and also fulfill gastronomic desires without taking the trouble to shuttle from one place to another on overcrowded streets. Clearly, the advantages of malls outweigh the perceived disadvantages. There is a common feeling that such malls result in overcharging of products and services. Even if there is some truth, increasing competition amongst a large number of upcoming malls would wipe out this difference if any also.

There is no denying the fact that Malls as a concept have come to stay. The popularity of malls can be guazed by the fact that all major standalone stores have started opening at least one major store in popular malls. Shop buyers should better hurry up because demand may well outstrip supply if this trend continues. has endeavored to bring all the wings of this concept under one umbrella and would welcome all suggestions to make any improvements or additions to further this cause.

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